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Making Memories at Southern Cafe Restaurant

For our organization's first memory, Stanton Standards Foundation selected Yvonne, a warm mother, grandmother, and friend who has been diagnosed with terminal heart failure. When we met with Yvonne, we asked her, "What is one that you would like to do that would bring you great joy?" After some thought, she told us that she would like to have a soul food dinner with her close family and three best friends. 

On August 4, 2018, we brought Yvonne's memory to life. Her daughter, granddaughter, grandson, and three best friends joined her at Southern Cafe Restaurant in Oakland, California. In between delicious dishes and boisterous laughter, Yvonne's loved ones performed a rose ceremony in her honor. Each of her family members and friends presented Yvonne with a beautiful rose and shared their greatest memory with Yvonne throughout the years. 

"I have not felt this appreciated and celebrated in a long time!" Yvonne was beaming at the end of the evening. We are thankful for the support our organization has received to make these moments possible. With your help, Stanton Standards was able to help Yvonne make lasting memories not just for herself, but for her loved ones too. Special thanks go to Southern Cafe Restaurant for their wonderful partnership and hospitality.

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