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About Us

In October 2017, our dear father, Preston Rolan, was given 6 weeks to live after a nine month battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). We were actively planning our wedding for April of 2018 and my then fiancé, Douglas Stanton, and I had just found out we were expecting a baby girl. We wanted nothing more than to give my father the experience of one of these great events we were awaiting. Our daughter was not due until March of 2018 so we decided we had to move our wedding date up.

With the help of an amazing nursing staff at UCSF Medical Hospital we were able to surprise my father and have our wedding on November 16, 2017 right there on the 11th floor where he had been staying for the last 3 months. On that day, my dad had more energy, more spunk, and was filled with more joy and humor than weeks prior. Lots of photos and videos were taken on that day that left us with amazing memories of such a beautiful day. My father was later placed into a hospice facility where he passed away on December 4, 2017.

It is because of this great memory we were
left with that we were inspired to create the Stanton Standards Foundation. We want to embrace my father’s legacy and forward a lasting memory for loved ones to embrace even when the future is uncertain.  


We were given such joy on our special day and want nothing more than to pass on this experience and help families have great memories.

Yours truly,

Vieneese & Doug

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